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The Challenge.

AYAM Brand trusted Elixus Agency with its overall Social Media and Paid Ads strategy globally.


The challenge was that AYAM does not have the same brand awareness and positioning in SEA and in Europe.


In SEA, the brand awareness is good, therefore our objective was to generate leads and build up the newsletter database by collecting as many subscribers’emails as possible, at a low cost per lead.


In Europe, AYAM brand awareness was still to build, therefore our objective was to grow their Facebook Community with number of Page Likes as key KPIs.


For both regions, growing their Post Engagement was also a key component of their strategy.

Our Strategy.

Elixus Agency Performance Marketing and Social Media teams had to work together on:

Strategic Planning per market
Design separate strategies, visual identities and tone of voice per market to respond to different positioning and objectives.

internal monitoring algorithms iconLeverage on Dynamic Creative Optimization
Take multiple ad components (such as images, videos, titles, descriptions and CTAs) and then optimises them to deliver efficient results for each impression served. These help us to create personalised creative variations for each person viewing the ad, with performance that scales.

ab testing at scale iconAB testing at scale
We used the best performing social media posts as the creative assets for Page Like campaign and AB test them with a different variations.

target user iconCreate targeted audience
We A/B Tested a wide variety of audiences to find out the best performing audience with the lowest cost.
We grew social media post engagement by reaching out to the right target audience.

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Key KPIs.

– 27%

Cost Per Lead
on SEA markets

– 87%

Cost Per Post on
Engagement on SEA markets

x 3.5

Numbers of Facebook Fans
on EU markets

Focus on creating a Viral Post.

The Dalgona Coffee recipe was going viral worldwide as the South Korean coffee drink continued being shared on Facebook and Instagram. We knew the audience resonated well with the current craze, so we hopped into the opportunity to make a version of the Dalgona Coffee using Ayam Brand’s well-established Coconut Milk product.


We manually did it at home, took step-by-step pictures of the process, and made it into a Facebook post for SEA markets.


The post generated high engagement and went viral on social media.

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