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The Challenge.

A lot of B2B companies tend to neglect Digital marketing in their overall Marketing strategy. They tend to think Digital Marketing and Social Media only works for B2C brands who are looking to get closer to their end-consumer.


Why can’t we apply the same mechanism to B2B ?
B2B companies actually have very similar challenges and objectives as B2C. They are trying to sell something to their clients too, they are looking for leads, traffic and they need to build brand awareness and trust with their audience and Digital Marketing offers efficient and measureable tools to do so.


At Elixus, we have worked with many B2B companies, optimising their Paid Ads and Social Media campaigns, SEO & Website Optimization to generate more leads and build strong brand awareness and credibility in their respective markets. We have worked with companies from Financial solutions, Professional Printers, Food Waste Management, rubber provider or inspection services industries. They all stood to benefit from adding digital into their strategies.

Our Strategy.

When working with a B2B brand, we work to create consistent and cross-channel strategies. Our objective is to build an inbound lead generation engine through web and social media. Here are 3 components that we take into account when developing the strategy:

Design SEO-friendly website
We design websites with a responsive architecture and SEO-friendly content to make sure you rank competitively on search engines.

internal monitoring algorithms iconGenerate Leads with Linkedin Ads
Linkedin is much more than an recruitment tool. It is now a powerful advertising tool for businesses to connect and engage with other businesses and potential clients. We develop Linkedin-focused strategies based on post boosting, follower ads and Sponsored InMail to generate leads, grow engagement and build awareness.

Give a B2C feel to B2B content
Several companies have entrusted us to entirely build their brand identity on Social Media. We have observed that using trendy B2C look and feel for B2B brands content provides strong performance results. It helped them to resonate with the people behind each of their business clients.

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Focus on Linkedin Ads.

Elixus worked with Supplycart, a B2B e-procurement platform in Malaysia, on a strategy to drive high quality B2B leads on LinkedIn with a low acquisition cost and an efficient long term methodology.


Sponsored InMails
LinkedIn’s Sponsored InMail was one of the most successful campaigns which managed to drive high quality leads at a 48% lower acquisition cost than the other channels. In-Mail engagement grew by 80% and the number of leads generated by 70%.


Sponsored Content
We complemented their Sponsored Inmail ads with Sponsored Content focusing on driving Whitepaper downloads to get users into the drip campaign funnel. The post engagement grew by 105%


To complete the funnel and establish Supplycart as a thought leader, we added blog content as part of the awareness stage of the funnel to seamlessly bring users into the funnel while providing value through content to establish trust and reliability.

+ 80%

Page Engagement

+ 50%

Leads Generated

+ 48%

Cost Per Leads

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+70% conversions thanks to Paid Ads campaigns optimization

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