bigpay case study

The Challenge.

BigPay is one of the largest challenger banks in Malaysia and it’s e-wallet comes with an accompanying prepaid card that can be used anywhere in the world.


One of the main challenges that BigPay had faced when scaling up their media budgets was a gradually increasing Customer Acquisition Cost and so; Elixus was brought in to help scale up BigPay’s Media Budgets whilst maintaining a low & controlled Cost Per Acquisition.

Our Strategy.

In order to scale up BigPay’s Media Spend whilst maintaining a low and controlled Acquisition Cost, Elixus’s Performance Marketing Team had to implement a scalable Marketing Funnel that maximized the efficiency of their Custom Data Audiences through a Conversion Focused Approach. We had achieved this by:

Optimization of the tracking.
Systematically reviewing all Event Tracking integrations & ensuring that the Custom Audiences were set up correctly.

AB testing at scale
Introducing AB testing frameworks in order to speed up the Content Optimization Process.

Implementation of a Funnel structure
Setting up scalable campaign structures across all Media Buying Channels in order to have better budgetary control.

Plug in with our Tech
Leveraging on Elixus’s internal monitoring algorithms to more rapidly identify & react to performance trends.

A video focused strategy
Layering on Richer Media Formats & Motion Graphics.

bigpay case study chart

Key KPIs

+ 70%


– 30%

Cost Per Install

– 45%

Cost Per Conversion

Focus on AB testing.

One of the main contributors to the overall performance lift was the fact that we had AB tested an Array of Creative Angles + Variations across the different Campaign Objectives such as “Installs”, “Registrations” & “Reloads”.


These AB tests enabled us to quickly identify the best performing Ad Angles along with the best performing Design Variations for each and every audience segment keeping their overall acquisition costs low & optimized.

Highest Cost per Click

Highest Cost per install

Lower Cost per Registration

Most cost efficient for registration

Low Cost per Click

High Cost per install

Low Cost per Registration

High Cost per Click

Low Cost per install

High Cost per Registration

Most cost efficient for registration

Low Cost per Click

Low Cost per install

High Cost per Registration

More Than One Happy Customer.

guocoland malaysia case study


Guocoland Increased post engagement on Facebook by 143%

kaodim case study


+20% conversions regionally.

loccitane case study


Funnel approach, AB testing and integration of offline customer data.

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