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The Laughing Cow by Bel Groupe Indonesia is the original snacking cheese for at home or on-the-go. Everyone can enjoy The Laughing Cow cheeses straight from the pack, spread it, dip it, or get creative in the kitchen.


The Laughing Cow is a relatively new entrant to Indonesia. The brand's key challenges in Indonesia are:

Lack of Brand Awareness
Market dominated by low cost local dairy brands, competitors' distribution are wider and although Indonesian moms know of the nutritional benefits that the product has for early motherhood, but they only know it by its product name, and not the brand.

Strict Audience Targeting
Client wants to focus on audiences that will convert: which is millennial Indonesian moms with children age 0 - 12 years old while segmenting the products with the audience: Belcube product is for Moms with children age 0 - 5 years old, the Roundbox product is for Moms with children age 6 - 12 years old.

Our Strategy

A/B Testing Audience Targeting

From Month 1 to Month 3, we followed client's request to segment the Target Audience based on Demographics: (Moms with Children 0 - 5 yrs old and Moms with Children 6 -12 yrs old). We also ran a Brand Lift Study whereby in the results, we learned that our audiences overlap and segmenting based on age group was not the right strategy. Another insight from the Brand Lift Study was that the audiences were not familiar fo the brand's messaging of 'So Creamy So Tasty' and attributed that to competitor's brand instead of The Laughing Cow.

In Month 4, armed with the learnings from the Brand Lift Study we tested Audiences based on Interests instead of Demographics. We profiled and tested different Audience groups by interests: Parenting, Cooking & Baking, New Moms, Children's Education, Brand Association (Non-Dairy Brands), and Competitor Brands.
In Month 5, we tested multiple visual and brand messaging variations to multiple Audience groups using Reach & Frequency Campaigns on Facebook to see which messaging and audiences are performed best. At this time, we also added two new Interests groups: Creatives (Children Activities), Luxury - as the client wanted to target affluent Indonesian moms.
By Month 6, we had identified the best performing Audience groups, and combined those into one strong Audience Group called Premium Moms.
In Month 7, to prepare for CPAS, we have strengthened the 'Premium Moms" Targeting with interests in online shopping and e-commerce.
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The Result

increase in Reach
2,660,993 total Reach
increase in Reach
3,394,895 total Reach
increase in Reach
4,586,500 total Reach
increase in Reach
6,001,488 total Reach
increase in Reach
8,921,120 total Reach

Focus on AB testing

We have increased our month on month Reach from 9% to 20-30% monthly and +82.3% increase in Reach overall.

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