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Using Elixus' Consulting approach to develop and implement a social and content strategy to connect with Savencia Pro's core customers


Savencia is a French food company specialising the the production of cheeses. Elixus was appointed to provide digital marketing support Savencia's "Professional" Brands in South East Asia including LESCURE, Elle & Vire Professionnel, and Corman.


Savencia brands are offering products to food professionals with a specific focus on the baking industry, which is a very niche and technical industry. To date the core challenge for Savencia's key professional brands has been to connect with and get closer to their customers, professional chefs.

Our Strategy

We position ourselves as an extension of the Savencia team and went through market research to understand the needs of the audienceand deliver content aligned with their needs.


Relevant Content that adds value to a
niche audience

Relevant Content that adds
value to a niche audience

Through deep market analysis, we identified the needs of Savencia Pro's core customers, the pastry Chef.
A/B tested a wide range of content and copies to find out what these Chefs responded to.


Leveraging Social Media as a Sales Tool
for better customer loyalty

Leveraging Social Media as a
Sales Tool for better customer

Showcased the great craftsmanship of Savencia partners in Singapore and Malaysia and helping them to promote their businesses. After discussing with these partners, they were really grateful for receiving this free exposure to grow the awareness and eventually build up their sales.
We use Social Media to strengthen the ties between Savencia and their partners to turn them into loyal customers
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The Result




Increase in page like




Increase in engagement

Focus on Growing Social Community

One of the insights that came up as a result of our audience and content analysis was that local Chefs craved exposure to the latest trends in the food industry in the Western Market. With travel restricted due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Chefs were no longer able to travel to Europe as they had before.

We worked with Elle & Vire Professionnel to bring these trends and provide this exposure to Chefs in Singapore through a consistent Social Media program on Facebook and Instagram. Providing tips, insights, baking technique to foster the partnership between the Brand and the Bakers and Chefs that use their products.

Baking technique/recipe
Social Media content

Baking technique/recipe Social Media content

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