4 Tips To Creative Idea Sharing

4 Ways to Encourage Creative Idea Sharing Amongst Team Members

4 Tips To Creative Idea Sharing



Digital Marketers have the exciting – and often challenging – task of contributing a steady stream of creative campaign ideas for their brand or their clients. However, one person alone can’t come up with all the concepts and collaterals needed for advertising campaigns, so marketers and leaders rely on the diverse viewpoints and imagination of their teams. Everyone is creative, so we recommend encouraging everyone on your team to bring their ideas to the table here’s how.



#Make it personal.

Everyone has a personal interest in starting there. You’ll be amazed by how people have different ways of thinking about what they do. From sports to music to science, when the team starts with what they care about, they will create whole new avenues for exciting content.


Make it personal


#Build the right environment and creative zones.

When office space is inviting and open, there are unlimited opportunities for team members to provide new and creative input. Create an environment that evokes creative thinking from your team and provides them with space to do cool things to foster collaboration.


Build the right environment and creative zones



#Encourage mistakes and offer positive  reinforcement

Making mistakes is part of every creative process, and allowing room for mistakes results in innovative thinking. Be free to test ideas, see what works and what could be improved, and make sure they know that they have the opportunity to do so. Understanding that not all creative ideas are going to win, creates a comfortable environment to brainstorm ideas and walk through new concepts. Foster a situation where there are no bad ideas.


Encourage mistakes and offer positive reinforcement



#Ask your creative team what they want to learn.

One of the best ways to collaborate with your team is by asking what they’d like to learn. For example, if someone says “motion design,” create a project that encourages them to dive deep into what you are already doing, research in space, and present strategic ideas. This project will help them to structure feedback and learn more from experience than just sharing a few fresh ideas.


Ask your creative team what they want to learn

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