A new expert in our team – Michelle Ho

We are proud to welcome a new expert in our team –  Michelle Ho, Senior DPMS

Michelle Ho - New Hire | Elixus Agency

Michelle recently joined Elixus Agency as Senior Digital Performance Marketing Specialist (DPMS) in our headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She brings with her 7 years of experience in Digital Marketing, handling Marketing and Digital Performance Marketing roles in various companies in Malaysia. Specialized in Media Buying for performance-based objectives, Michelle speaks Google Ads and Facebook Ads with high proficiency.


Prior to joining the team, Michelle says she “survived agencies, e-commerce marketplaces, and tech startups”. More than survived, she has navigated with ease in the whole Digital Marketing ecosystem, strengthening her expertise and ability to change focus. 


Let’s hear more about her!



Tell us more about your job at Ematic and what is your ambition with us?

My ambitions are to solve problems and do great work, alongside a team of hardcore marketers.


A day in Elixus covers end-to-end marketing activities for our clients, from marketing campaign planning to reporting. Scope includes prepping media plans with account managers, finalizing campaign materials (digital banners or videos) with the creative team, deploying campaigns on various digital channels followed by campaign optimization and campaign reporting.


Tell us more about you…

Coffee and cats! My two fur babies are the loves of my life.



Someone who inspires you and why…

Too long of a list! You have the regular guys like Jack Ma, Elon Musk, Peter Thiel (his Zero to One remains top favorite book), but also local heroes like Robert Kuok and girl bosses like Melanie Perkins and Payal Kadakia. Closer to the heart are friends and people I met at work who have shown unprecedented grit and grace in their own journeys.



Your motto…

One byte at a time

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