A rebranding to announce our aggressive business expansion

Elixus Agency – a rebranding to announce our aggressive business expansion. 

elixus agency a rebranding to announce our aggressive business expansion

Elixus – the hypergrowth of the agency. 

The Ematic Group has been in the South-East Asia Region for nearly a decade and has 165 digital experts across 3 business units in 9 countries. Elixus Agency is the digital marketing servicing arm of the Group. Led by Cyril Dhenaut – CEO and Co-founder, the agency has met with immediate success and has grown up to 35 experts strong, handling close to 70 clients in less than a year.

elixus as part of the ematic solution group

Elixus – a new model for digital marketing agency. 

The digital marketing agency landscape in South-East Asia is extremely competitive but also very cluttered. Cyril Dhenaut explains ‘’Today you have a gap between Technology provider – who sell a product but no results, the traditional performance agency – that relies purely on brains and lack of power to answer clients account need at scale and with limited design capabilities, and the century old concept of the brand agency – that usually do not even tackle properly the digital  marketing problem because of a lack of expertise in the field ‘’. From a client perspective it adds complexity without fully answering the day to day business needs as far as ROI is concerned. 

Cyril Dhenaut adds ‘’ With the DNA of Ematic Group, Elixus has been focusing in building around a few core pillars: 

  • Proprietary Adtech  : Building our own in house AdTech was not done because it’s a trendy thing to do but because, first The Ematic Group brought 7 years plus of expertise in building AI to the table and second because we knew exactly what we need to help our client scale their media buying efficiency cross channel.
  • Agency speed of work and execution capabilities: Elixus is and remains an integrated digital marketing agency, which gives us the capacity to tackle complex projects, cross channel, at scale, and executed in very short period of time.
  • Consultant standard of operation: This is something we are quite proud of where we not only execute fast, we approach all our projects literally as a remote team, instead of an outsourced operator. As a result, we are well plugged in with our client’s challenges and strategy on a long-term basis. We act short term for long term output.
  • Full creative capabilities from A/B testing to motion design: This equation is simple there is no efficient digital marketing strategy and campaign (particularly on paid advertising) without deep commitment to AB testing. This sounds very common and plain but AB testing doesn’t mean A or B, we are driving hundreds of tests per campaign. We take that data to feed into our Adtech to drive ongoing improvements and optimization. , We place a huge emphasis on Motion video.’’

Elixus Agency is not aiming at revolutionizing digital Marketing but just doing it better. 

Elixus Agency offering: 

Leveraging on a growth-hacking methodology, we help our clients to generate revenue online through:
Performance marketing
Social Media
CRM and Email Marketing
Web Development and SEO

What Next? 

The next steps are clearly defined. With already Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam operational, Elixus is looking into expanding further in South East Asia but also in Europe where a UK headquarter is in discussion. Cyril Dhenaut concludes ‘’Continue to bring Talent on board, strengthening our Ad Tech, innovating through service, global expansion are our key focuses’’. Elixus could even expand beyond the digital marketing agency business with venturing into professional formation and the launch of an  academy. 

Interested in our expansion or looking for a digital marketing partner to generate growth, let’s have a chat.

Cyril CEO Elixus agency

Cyril Dhenaut

CEO Elixus Agency

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