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The Challenge.

KEF is one of the world’s most recognised loudspeaker manufacturers, and the first to adopt computers in the testing and design stages. The challenge faced was that due to its price range, technology, and other competitors in the audio industry, KEF’s customers were often limited to audiophiles, male above the age 45, limiting the brand’s growth. Looking to expand out of this market segment, wIth Elixus, KEF explored and carried out AB testing to find the best content to appeal to newer audiences.

Our Strategy.

Launching Collaborative AdsNew Content Angle
In comparison to KEF’s previous content, which focused heavily on their technology and recognition in the audio industry, we created a series of lifestyle content which resonated better with audiences who were more attracted to KEF’s designs than technology. We worked on creating discussion topics around KEF’s product offerings and encouraged existing KEF owners to share their experiences with the brand. We built KEF’s brand image to be the speakers for the best sound experience whilst being a beautiful addition to home décor.

data-backed iconAB Testing & Performance Marketing
We tested different content angles, product series, copy and visuals, to find the best combination for engagement. We found that KEF’s LS series was the most popular product line. KEF’s audience enjoyed our witty copies and lifestyle visuals. These are content formats that KEF had not explore previously on their own.
In addition, we arranged strategic post boosting for content that were performing well organically to increase the overall reach. Cost per Engagement decreased MoM, consistently maintaining below USD 0.09.


Key KPIs.

+ 187%

In page engagement

+  20%

Increase in product enquiries on website and social media private messages

– 75%

Decrease in cost per engagement



Focus on testing new content angles

By exploring different content angles, we tapped into a new audience segment which KEF could not appeal to previously.

KEF is in the midst of relaunching their brand, with exciting products lined up for Q4 2020. Through AB testing, we helped KEF understand their audience better, giving them insights to further create products and content that will contribute to brand growth.

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