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The Challenge.

L’Occitane is an award-winning beauty and cosmetics brand. We launched their Facebook and Instagram ads to help them explore untapped market segments, drive foot traffic to their retail stores and scale up their media spend while improving their return on ad spend.

Our Strategy.

We started fixing their optimization strategy, re-mapping their account structure, and consistently A/B test Ad Copies.

data-backed iconData-backed audience targeting optimization
We improved always-on campaign targeting framework. We uploaded offline customer data for retargeting purposes

internal monitoring algorithms iconFixed campaign structure to improve scalability
We restructured the campaign funnels adding more detailed levels to deepen our AB testing possibilities.

a/b testingAB Testing
We implemented a fixed AB Testing framework with a more scalable and flexible structure. One of the key aspects in our methodology was to understand the language and messaging that resonated the best with the targeted audiences, depending on their segment, funnel level and product knowledge. For example, male audiences preferred a straight to the point messaging that gave them a quick and easy solution for gifting. For female audiences who were new to the brand, they had to be educated much more and inspired by the different value propositions of different types of products.

hi-iq benefit twoHi-IQ integration
Using our data from our Hi-IQ database, we were able to identify highly engaged users who are more likely to make a purchase action and fed it into our Facebook ads. This allowed us to remarket products to users who are highly likely to convert and improve our overall ROAS. With this data, we were also able too create a Facebook Lookalike audience of this list as well to prospect for new customers more efficiently.

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Key KPIs.

+ 45%


– 55%

Cost Per Conversion

+ 230%

footfall in store

Focus on Influencer Marketing

For the Malay market, we utilized Malay KOLs who had values and beauty routines that resonated well with the audience. This segment of audience was known to only support KOLs that had good public standing and respectable reputation. Knowing this, micro KOLs worked as well for this market. We also AB tested the length of the copy; longer form worked better with repeated CTAs in the copy.

L’Occitane highest engagement on social media
loc testimonials - We love working with Elixus Agency because the team is dedicated and passionate about the brand. Collaborating with Elixus team is like a perfect marriage where L’Occitane bring our product knowledge and customer understanding and Elixus bring the digital media expertise. Together we test and learn to chart new territories and continuously challenge ourselves to achieve more.

More Than One Happy Customer.

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