loccitance case study

The Challenge.

L’Occitane is an award-winning beauty and cosmetics brand. They wanted to maximize as many online conversions as possible regardless of the channels. They also needed to build up their marketplace brand awareness to gain a stronger brand presence in these marketplaces.

Our Strategy.

Launching Collaborative AdsLaunching Collaborative Ads
We launched collaborative ads for L’Occitane to complement our existing performance marketing strategy. The idea was to reach users who were highly likely to take action, had similar behavior to our target users but were likely to take action on marketplaces such as Lazada rather than the website itself.

data-backed iconCapitalizing on Historical Data
Instead of going in blind, we used the historical data to determine the highest performing subset of audiences and replicated them on our Collaborative Ads.


Key KPIs.

+ 15%

Increase in online revenue

– 72%

Cost Per Conversion

Focus on replicating successful proven formulas and pairing them with attractive marketplace promotions.

To hit the ground running, we used combinations of all the successful learnings we had throughout the year and replicated them on our Collaborative ads. We paired that with attractive marketplace promotions to create successful marketplace campaigns that jumpstarted the L’Occitane marketplace official stores, created a steady stream of organic users, improved online revenue and generated the much needed user reviews for their products for social proofing.

loccitance ads on social media

More Than One Happy Customer.

B2B case study


Generating leads for B2B companies

loccitane case study


Funnel approach, AB testing and integration of offline customer data.

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