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The Challenge.

Melissa is a Brazilian vegan shoe brand well established in Singapore through a network of retail stores. When we started to work for Melissa in Singapore, its retail sales represented 75% of their total sales, and online sales only 25%. In the months leading up to Covid-19 hitting Singapore, Melissa had already anticipated the need to strengthen its digital marketing strategy in order to achieve a healthier mix between off and online sales and to capture an audience of millennials, that are used to shopping online.


Within a few months after we started to work on the Performance Marketing strategy, Singapore was hit by Covid-19 and all retail shops were forced to close their doors for an unknown period of time. This unprecedented situation made it even more necessary for retail brands to transition to digital and drive sales from e-commerce instead.


Two types of reactions were observed among retail brands, they either panicked and stopped all marketing activities or they pivoted and evolved. Instead of stopping all their marketing efforts and wait until things passed, Melissa chose to focus its efforts on Performance Marketing in order to grow online sales and compensate the losses of the offline channels.

Our Strategy.

Optimization of the trackingOptimization of the tracking
We fixed the website tracking in order to make sure all our Google & FB campaigns were optimised according to the website visitors’ behaviours.

Funnel campaign structureImplementation of a Funnel campaign structure
We set up scalable campaign structures across all Media Buying Channels in order to have better budgetary control.

Media Buying ModelizationMedia Buying Modelization
When the client closed its stores in Singapore, it decided to allocate more budget to online channels and requested our help to decide how to spend it. Our team built a model reflecting the evolution of the Media Budget spend over the months and the estimated impact on the revenue generated.

Exploring new Ad types and Ad formatsExploring new Ad types and Ad formats
In the updated Media Plan presented to Melissa, our team introduced new types of Ads which were never tested before such as :
– Google Shoppings Ads to increase the conversions.
– Google Discovery Ads to prospect new users.
– We also built out Melissa Product Catalog on Facebook in order to re-target users with Dynamic Ads.
– We worked with the client to adapt the Key Visuals of each tactical campaigns to several Ad formats (static/ GIF/ carousel) and A/B tested the performance.

Create targeted audienceCreate targeted audience
We A/B Tested a wide variety of audiences to find out the best performing audience with the lowest cost. We used the existing database of online and offline customers to create Lookalike audiences on Facebook.

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Key KPIs.

x 9

Purchases online

+ 160%


+ 18%

Conversions online

Focus on AB testing various Ads formats.

Before Covid-19, Melissa was relying a lot more on its network of Retail stores in Singapore.


When the crisis hit Singapore and forced all retail stores to be close, it became crucial for Melissa to make more sales online. Melissa team decided to ramp up it’s Digital Marketing budget in order to achieve more sales online, to continue to drive revenue while the store were closed.


With more budget, Elixus team decided to focus its strategy into driving conversions by AB testing ads formats on Facebook (static, GIF, Carousel) launching new Ads formats on Google such as Shopping Ads and Discovery Ads.


More Than One Happy Customer.

Melissa case study


Shifting revenue to E-commerce during Covid-19

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Funnel approach, AB testing and integration of offline customer data.

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