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We are bringing the best of three worlds to optimize your media buying. We have our own Ad-tech, we handle on full scale AB testing and we have a team of experienced media buyers across the region. We operate cross-channel for both Mobile and Desktop user acquisition.

The Objectives.

performance marketing

Grow your web or

app traffic

increase your online sales

Increase your online or

in app sales and



Optimize your costs


performance marketing ad networks

Why Growth
Marketers Love Us!

Bringing ROI through Ads – At scale. 



From discovery to repurchase we optimize each step of the customer journey

Full A/B


Each of our campaigns are set up with multi-variant Testing – All of this, for free



Leveraging on our proprietary technology – Maximizing our output 10x faster



There can be no proper acquisition campaign without rock solid tracking



Video is one of the most powerful tools to leverage on. We have that covered



Weekly and monthly In-depth custom reporting – no we don’t do screenshots of your Ad Manager Account

Our Competitive Edges.

Unlike the transitional digital marketing approach, we think of ourselves as your “remote team”, and we have based our whole development on 3 Key Pillars.


Funnel Approach.

elixus funnel approach

Our Full Funnel Methodology coupled with a proven A/B Testing Framework adapts fluidly to your industry digtial marketing goals. Interphased with “Broonie“, our powerful AI powered technology, to ensure that your digital ads are always operating at maximum efficiency and continually optimized to maximize your ROI and achieve your business goals.


Meet Broonie.

We don’t work alone, Broonie – our proprietary Ad technology aids our performance team to instantly react to performance trends in realtime with precision, never missing a beat.


Data Driven Algorithms & Automations

Cross channel campaign viusalisationCross channel campaign visualisation

Bidding automation and optimizationBidding automation and optimization

Insight and recommendation for targeting and creativeInsight and recommendation for targeting and creative


A/B Test At Scale & Motion First.

Banner optimization is key in any digital campaign – When creativity meets performance and is measured.

Ultimate Iteration A/B Tests Machine

systematic ab testFor each campaign we will systematically A/B test variations at campaign level / ad set level / creative & messaging level to keep the most performing ones.

powerful video adsWe take your static images and turn them into powerful video ads – at scale

creatives refreshHigh turnover of creatives refresh over 1000+ ads weekly.

A/B Test At Scale & Motion First.

Tracking Set Up.

Our engineers work ahead of the campaigns to ensure  flawless data tracking. Whilst is not sexy, it is the key to any successful performance marketing campaign.


Proper Tracking Across Platforms

tracking platformConnect your ads to your tracking Platform

ga & gtm pixelOptimize your GA/GTM set up and Pixels

utm and naming conventionConsistent UTM and naming convention

Some Of Our A/B Tests.

Why Run Facebook Ads:

Running Ads on Facebook allows advertisers to reach a wide range of high potential users who may be interested in or behave similarly to your most engaged customers. Our full funnel Facebook Ads strategy optimizes your ad delivery to your customers and potential customers to ensure they see and experience the optimal messaging and creatives for that segment of users at the right time and place.

Facebook Ads are most importantly, measurable and our AB testing methodology takes full advantage of that. Our conversion focused Facebook performance marketing strategy ensures that your ads are always optimized to reduce your customer acquisition cost and maximize your results for every dollar spent.

Why Run Google Ads:

Google Ads allows advertisers to reach a wide range of users with the high intent in a timely fashion when they are in the midst of the consideration stage off the funnel. Our Google Ads strategy focuses on outbidding your competitors in the same space not just for keywords or placements but for high intent keywords and placements to ensure that you're spending your media budget on campaigns that matter.

Combining our proven Google ads methodology with Google Ads' powerful AI algorithm allows us to take full advantage of this platform. This allows us to scale our clients' businesses reliably while maintaining a low acquisition cost.

Our clients love us for our proven multi-channel performance marketing strategy. To stand out as a performance marketing agency, we integrate our full funnel and AB testing methodology into both Google Ads and Facebook ads simultaneously allows us to seamlessly optimize your budget and communication across both platforms, delivering the best possible ROI for your business.

Other Services.

social media marketing

Social Media

seo and web development

Web Development

email marketing


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