peugeot case study

The Challenge.

Peugeot engaged Elixus Agency to generate test drive leads for their showroom in Malaysia.


A few days after the lead generation campaign has started, MCO has been implemented in Malaysia in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, adding on a real challenge to our mission as all Peugeot showrooms had to close.


Despite the closure of the showroom, Elixus optimised campaign and managed to generate a decent amount of test drive leads (to be arranged after MCO) while lowering the Cost per Lead by 54%.

Our Strategy.

In order to generate leads while reducing the Cost per Lead, Elixus’s Performance Marketing Team had to:

Leverage on Dynamic Creative Optimization
Use multiple ad components (images, videos, titles, descriptions and CTAs) and optimises them to deliver efficient results for each impression served. We managed to create personalised creative variations for each person viewing the ad, with performance that scales.

a/b testingAB testing at scale
We A/B Tested a wide variety of audiences to find out the best performing audience with the lowest cost per lead.

target user iconCreate targeted audience
A wide range of possible target audience has been put into our A/B test framework to find out the best performing audience with the lowest cost per lead. We also leveraged on Facebook lookalike tools to source for the audience that has the highest similarity to Peugeot current customers which eventually will convert with the lowest cost.

peugeot case study chart

Key KPIs.

– 54%

Cost Per Lead

+ 35%

Click Through Rate

– 30%

Cost Per Click

Focus on AB Testing Visual & Targeting.

One of the main contributors to the overall performance lift was the fact that we had AB tested an Array of visual and target audience specifically using Dynamic Creative Optimization.These AB tests enabled us to quickly identify the best performing Ad Angles for each and every audience segment keeping their overall acquisition costs low & optimized.

peugeot top ad

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