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Understanding proper optimization on social networks can be a delicate thing. Here at Elixus, we know that Successful Social Strategies are more than just posting and our Social Media Teams utilize a mix of custom tailormade content strategies paired with data driven content optimization (through behavioural insights) to fully maximize the impact of your Social Channel.

The Objectives.


Grow You Brand


A strong strategy defines where we are going and how we will get there. Elixus extrapolates behavioural insights from your fan base + existing web visitors/customers and utilizes this data to help your brand tap into larger and more profitable audience cohorts. This not only helps to improve the volume of fans on your social networks but also the quality of fans too.

Increase engagement with your community

Increase engagement

with your community

Engagement is one of the key indicators of brand interest on Social Media and building a strong community with your fans can help to encourage social sharing but also help to convert your repeat customers into loyal brand advocates. Our extensive expertise in Social Branding Creatives, Copywriting & Motion Graphics will help to deliver your brand story effectively whilst maximizing the engagement drawn from your community.


Transform your social media

into a proper sale engine

What’s the point of having a large and loyal digital community if you can’t generate sales from them? Elixus understands the impact an active community can have but also focuses on strengthening the brand connection with these audiences and mapping these interests back to specific business goals such as Sales or in some cases Leads. Our Social Teams monitor daily performance trends and continuously adapt and tweak strategies on the fly to tap in on the current market trends and re-orient community engagement into actionable business goals & tangible results.


Why Marketers Love

Working With Us!

We have an holistic approach of social media

Why Marketers Love

Working With Us!

We have an holistic approach of social media

Social Strategy &


Our social experts help to create an impactful social strategy for your brand success, and we fully manage all your social media activities.

Campaign & Content


We develop a strategic, engaging, and creative approach that resonates with your audience that generates remarkable proven results.

Social Media


We manage all your paid ads from increasing your Customer Awareness, to Customer Activation & Customer Retention as well.


& Motion

We manage and support creative development and production to deliver your brand story effectively and engagingly via static and motion design.



Managing the interaction between your brand and audiences directly and indirectly online. Turning your fans into loyal customers.

Data Insights &


We monitor the successes of your profiles and highlight the type of content your audience is engaging with the most.

Our Competitive Edges.

Creativity – measured and enhanced through performance.

Social Media Approach.

pillars and content planning

Pillars & Content Planning

Set up the foundation of the overall social strategy by creating strong & powerful social pillars.


  • Engagement
  • Offerings
  • Community
  • Facts & Figures
  • Performance
  • Partnerships & Ad Hocs Campaigns

Creative Visual

Team of motion designers and experienced

graphic designers across 5 markets.

Creative Visual

Team of motion designers and experienced

graphic designers across 5 markets.


Performance Marketing Approach.

Taking the best out of Facebook and Instagram algorithms

social media marketing01
Always-On Likes campaign for community growth and increased Reach through targeted audiences.

Click to Conversion ads02
Click to Conversion ads and lead gen cards for conversion or lead generation


Always on strategy03
Always on strategy to minimally boost posts for greater reach to audience base.

click to website ads04
Click to Website ads to generate brand Awareness and Knowledge

They trust us with their social media.







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performance marketing


seo and web development

Web Development

email marketing


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