Creating good copywriting for social media

5 copywriting tips to strengthen your social media strategy

Copywriting TipsStarting your social media account to boost your presence in the digital space is considered a must in this day and age. There’s no denying that not only millennials are looking at their phones for anything and everything, Gen X’s and Baby Boomers are too.

So what makes you stand out from the digital crowd of companies and marketers pushing their products onto the rectangular screens of our smartphones? The answer is, good copywriting.

Here are 5 ways you can seductively describe your products on social media to attract your targeted audience.


#Use your target audience’s language

Play along with the users’ imagination


If what you’re selling online are electric skateboards, then you should speak the social media language of what your targeted audience is speaking. It should be casual, cool, a bit nonchalant and a lot of tech talk.

In comparison, if you’re selling dutch ovens to housewives, the copywriting should be more homey and personal.

This also takes into account what type of persona you want your company to convey on social media. Be it more conservative or perhaps a bit daring.


#Entice with added benefits

There is no doubt that your product is brimming with benefits. However, the end users don’t really care about mundane ones that they would already be expecting by looking at your product.

Of course your delivery services promise quick delivery, or your soap gets rid of 99.9% bacteria.

What you can do to up the ante is by adding benefits that would amuse and entice users rather than just giving them facts.

There’s a fine line between being tongue-in-cheek and being a downright liar when you do these type of things though.

Saying that the soap you’re selling brings joy to “whoever smells it” is fine, but don’t go claiming that it can also be used to treat cancer.

#Stop saying it’s good

Creating good copywriting for social media


Well, yes, you have to say your product is good. But do it in ways that don’t directly say it’s good.

For instance: If your new line-up of products is winter jackets, don’t just list down the things a winter jacket is made for.

Don’t write something like this:

– The Jack Frost Winter Jacket uses 3 layers of insulated fabric that ensure good resistance to cold without appearing too bulky. Features modern design and stylish comfort.

Try writing something like this:

– The Jack Frost Winter Jacket features insulated layers of fabric that ensure top-notch cold resistance with lesser bulk. Stylishly made with confidence and comfort.


#Play along with the users’ imagination

Use your target audience’s language


As an added point to ‘don’t just say it’s good’, selling stuff on social media through copywriting is not the same as opening up a physical store to have potential customers browsing the racks.

They can’t touch and feel your product, so they have to go by what you describe to make the decision to buy.

Your copywriting should have them imagine your product is in their hands. Make them ‘see’ how your product appears to be and how it works.

#Superlatives can be a strengthener

Superlatives can sound insincere if you’re presenting something about your product that is unproven, especially in the social media space where people can comment directly on your post.

‘The best training regime in the world’ or ‘number 1 electric car in the market’ can blow up in your face if there’s no justification.

But if you’re product has actually been proven to be ‘the best’ through awards or research, then, by all means, promote that!

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