Set Up A Social Media Plan For Your Business In 9 Steps

Set Up A Social Media Plan For Your Business In 9 Simple Steps


Social Media is a vital communication channel for businesses of all sizes. If you are not taking advantage of social media, you are missing out on the opportunity to reach a large pool of audience in a fast, effective and inexpensive manner. 


Setting up an effective social media plan is one of the best ways to kickstart your marketing strategy. But it could be challenging and overwhelming especially for businesses with multiple social channels, products and campaigns to manage. 


Here are a few simple steps to create a constructive social media plan. So let’s get rolling.


#1 Know your brand and audience

Consider all aspects of your business. It is important to understand the nature of your business in order to set yourself apart from your competitors, what is your brand value and your unique selling points (USPs)?

Next, determine the right audience for your brand. Look into the demographic and behaviour, and focus on what you think will attract them on your social media pages. A few things you could consider when looking at your target audience are: 

  • Age group
  • Gender
  • Income 
  • Location
  • Interest
  • Frequently engaged social media platforms


#2 Choose the right platform for your business 

You may start off with Facebook as it is one of the biggest social media sites with 2.5 billion monthly active users, and more than 6 million advertisers which are actively promoting their business on this platform. Plus, Facebook supports almost all content formats–text, images, videos, stories, and live videos.


If your brand is targeted at a younger audience, you might want to consider social platforms with a younger average user age such as Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. Opt for Linked-In if your target audience are more towards professionals or corporate businesses. 


set up a social media plan for your business in 9 stepsReady to kickstart your social media platforms? Elixus Agency takes your brand to the next level and brings your strategy up to speed. 


#3 Choose the right social handles

If you already have a global social media page and are looking to expand your page to respective regions, it’s best to streamline your social media handle across your platforms to ensure consistency.


Ideally, user handles should be short, simple and easy to spell. Avoid any spacing in between or using multiple number digits. That way it could help your audience to recall your brand page.

Pro tip: You can use periods (.) or underscores (_) to separate your words if you have trouble to find a handle that works or not taken. 


#4 Set objectives for each platform

Don’t forget to identify your objectives for each of your social platforms as it provides a measurable target to ensure your social media plans are in line with achieving these goals.

Some of the main objectives include:
– Increase brand awareness 

– Increase engagement

– Followers growth

– Drive traffic to website

– Generate Leads/ conversions 


#5 Determine the tonality and style for your platform 

Create an established and recognizable brand presence across the platform. Ensure consistency and have a cohesive brand tonality, voice and style.


Determine the tonality and style for your platform
Choose colour palettes and fonts which are in line with your company’s brand book and implement across all your social platforms. If your brand is visually driven, consider creating a strong visual treatment with elements that incorporates your brand identity to deliver the message across via image or video formats.


#6 Develop social media calendar 

Keep your objectives, campaigns and postings on track with the help of the social media calendar. It ensures more organized planning and gives you an overview on your upcoming post messagings and ideas.

Pro tip: You may use collaboration and team communication tools like Trello, Basecamp and Asana to help organize your projects and ideas, and assign tasks.


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#7 Content creation 

This is where things get a tad more fun and interesting but could be complicated too. Apart from the fundamental materials required–image, video and caption, there are a few things you should take note on while developing your social content:


– Keep the quality in check; avoid pixelated or blurry image or video content.

– Ensure all social media image & video sizes are optimized

– Avoid putting too much text in your image as they will diminish value for people and businesses especially if you are running ads. 



–  Copy tonality is in line with brand voice (refer to #5) 

– Simple, direct and short-form caption style is recommended 

– Grammar and spelling check 


#8 Schedule your posts

Determine the optimal timing for your post to go live. Social media user activity varies depending on each brand and could be affected by a lot of factors. Therefore, it requires frequent observation, and trial and error to ensure your content is reaching your audience. 

Schedule your social media post in advance with social media management tools to increase productivity or manually depending on your workflow. 


Easy media social media plan

#9 Monitor & Analyse

Set time to monitor your social media pages daily. It is important to ensure that you are doing all the basic social media housekeeping such as making sure your posting is live, responding to pending messages in your inbox, and interacting with your audience in the comments section.


Look into your social media channels’ performance monthly with analytics tools to analyse the metrics and see if they are in line with your objectives or if there is a need to make necessary adjustments to your upcoming social media plan based on the results.


Hopefully, these 9 steps of social media plan guide are useful to help you kickstart your own social channels and put amazing content in the social media landscape! 


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