Smart Social Media Strategy Amid COVID-19

Since the existence of social media, there’s never have been a global pandemic that required a large number of lockdown globally. 


Because it’s our obligation to stay home during this period of lockdown, the social media platform is the only way to stay connected with our family, colleagues, and friends. Whatsapp has shown there’s a 40% increased in usage, 70% increased on FB video call week by week, and on average, 47% increase of engagement in social media platform.


However, results also show that a lot of brands reduced their budget on social media advertising, albeit from the increasing number of time-spend on social media daily. Admitting the global pandemic has caught us by surprise; however, we should start preparing for other episodes of our business sustaining and connecting with people during this period of time while practicing #socialdistancing.


5 smart social media strategy


5 tips for smart Social Media strategy. 


  • It’s not too late to reassess your social media strategy and planning.

Maybe you’ve planned a month ahead on your social media posts, but this is the best time to be in the same zone as everyone else. Think about how this situation may impact your audiences and start planning on what you would like to share with your viewers during this time.


  • A/B Test you post the right time and the right networks. 

People are bored at home, which means, most probably they access social media all-the-time. Some platforms have shown more robust increased engagement, push more daily content, and A/B test the right time to share your content with your audiences.


  • Set positive tones that make sense with your brands.

Be smart about how you reach out to your audiences. Rather than aggressively pushing your products to them, consider taking a softer approach, such as providing reassurance, answering questions, or solving problems for your customers. Although a significant discount is always something customers want, in the current climate, you might want to talk about how your brand is promoting contact-less delivery, assuring safety measures during food production, or giving assurances on delivery. Communicate your benefits, provide reassurance, and contribute to their wellness beyond the expected benefits of your product or services.


  • Avoid capitalizing on the crisis. 

Avoid taking advantage of this alarming situation, for example, creating a promotion – COVID-19 sale! Or hashtag #COVID-19. Instead, be more perceptive such as #stayhome #InThisTogether #staysafe or StayHome Deals. 


  • Be Creative. Be more engaging

Avoid frequent hard-sell, mix a little bit with a different variety of content, and be more creative. What is the behaviour like when someone stays home all the time? They must be bored, right? Create captivating content, build onsite, or social media games that they can participate in or even better- games they can play with their friends! Create content with positive and encouraging quotes.. Ask your audiences what they would like your brands to do.


Remember, the lockdown won’t last forever. The time when the ‘end’ of this period arrives, businesses will continue. We encourage you to also start planning on how this situation may or may not impact your brands later on. Start to plan and be more proactive in anticipation.


Here are steps on how to setup a social media calendar


#StaySafe #StayHome #Stayalert.

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