Website Design & Development

Increase conversion rate and drive organic sales

With our knowledge and data-driven approach, we can turn your website into an effective way to engage with your audience and a high-performing marketing tool for your brand.

Our websites are designed and built on:

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The platforms we manage:

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Website Design & Development

The Objectives

At Elixus, we understand your needs.
Optimize on-site

We help your brand by guiding visitors towards a specific goal, be it joining your email list or buying one of your products.

Drive organic
web traffic

We will implement strategies to help your brand develop brand awareness, new consumers and drive organic traffic.

Live, Up-to-date, cross platform data tracking

Through cross platform data tracking, we are able study users connecting with your brand.

Six Reasons Why
Growth Marketers Love Us!


UX UI & CRO Audit

Our social experts help to create an impactful social strategy for your brand success, and we fully manage all your social media activities.


Actionable website

We develop a strategic, engaging, and creative approach that resonates with your audience and remarkable proven results.


Web and landing pages development

End to end development or full conversion-driven landing pages.


SEO Audit and Implementation

Generating growth from organic traffic - at scale.


Looks good on any devices

You can expect a great browsing experience regardless of whatever device you're on.


User-first designs

We take a user-first design approach, where your brands consumers come first.

Our Competitive Edges

We implement essential digital marketing strategies to ensure your brand gains the upper hand in the market.
Website with ROI in mind

Website with ROI in mind

We don’t develop a website; we develop interfaces that drive sales and brand awareness. A website alone is not a tool; it needs to be optimized for Conversion, properly tracked to measure results, and plugged with your Ad tech or CRM or any Martech you have.

Design versatility for any industry

We've helped numerous businesses of varying industries create their digital presence. Our design process focuses on both aesthetic and content design that drives results.
Design versatility for any industry

why choose us?

Our Methodology

Our approach to web development tailors to your brand's needs.
Define the Customer Journey

Understand the customers needs, the value proposition we can offer. Map down the full experience action by action.

Branded Website Mockup

Based on industry standard and customer mapping, we create mock ups of the unique pages according to your brand guideline.

Implement Data Tracking

Once the flows are defined, we position all the right trackers.

They trust us with their web design
and development

Let's craft your new website

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Explore the other services:

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